Saturday, May 21, 2005

Online Auction Drop Off Store

Toads Corner is the fastest growing DropOff Sales Company in the country. At least we believe it is, and we have no reason to doubt. As of August 1st 2004 it was just an idea. By October 1st 2004 it became a viable business entity in Hurst, Tx. with additional stores ready to go into 10 other locations before the end of the year. Our hopes are that this growth rate will continue.

The reasons for this success and growth are simple, yet missed by almost every other member in this industry. "Serve the customer well. Charge the customer fairly. Be available to assist."

Toads Corner began because, Edward M. "Chip" Flatow, (owner of our parent company TOADS LLC.), was treated poorly at a DropOff in his hometown of San Antonio, Tx. He contacted a friend in the online-marketing business and asked what it would take to write a sophisticated program connecting to ebay and the other online auction sites, PayPal, and shippers, in such a fashion, so that a seamless series of transactions would insure ease of sales and shipping for anyone who walked into our locations.

The answer was a staggering number. "Chip, you will be looking at thousands upon thousands of lines of code. It will take weeks, maybe months, just to get the beta running. And the cost will be over the top." said Sean Burchell, (owner of ComSite and soon to be a partner in Toads LLC.) "I’ll have it for you Tuesday."

In fact, the program is an ongoing work, expanding with the needs of each individual store. The relationship between Flatow and Burchell is the single biggest difference between Toads Corner and any of the myriad of "Mom & Pop" stores that are popping up all over, not to mention the giants who are so proud of their size. These two guys have started a business that is fun to be around, and is providing a much needed service in a very different way than the general public is used to. They actually give a damn.


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